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An ancient evil unleashes catastrophic horrors upon the rainbow world of Spectara after Asdin, the Sacred Star of Frozen Light, goes missing.

A hostile political takeover and merciless executions follow.

Forced to flee his homeland, Sindle begins an adventure filled with peril, marvelous discovery, and the prospect of true love.

But hope for personal fulfillment is frustrated when Sindle learns that he and his companions must run a desperate race against time to save their world from growing sinister forces that threaten its total annihilation.





Reader: Judy Schuler, Heartland Book Reviews

Sindle is forced to flee his home in the Shade world of Spectara when evil forces take over and steal the Asdin, the sacred shard of frozen light. His journey takes him through the Sea of a Thousand Blues, where he can breathe under water, to the verdant land of Viridia, where he meets the queen and acquires a pendant to help him in his search. From there he nearly meets his death in the desert land of Zanthis, but manages reach the Crystal Mountains of Arete Vitrea and find the supreme ruler over all Spectara, the Telarch of Light. Along the way, Sindle discovers that not everything he believes is based on truth. Will he have the courage to cast aside erroneous beliefs, or will he succumb to pressure from him homeland and take the easy way out?

Randall Bush has created an intriguing new world with governments, rulers, and citizens who embody the same emotions, ambitions, and flaws we do. And they face the same conundrum—go-along-to-get-along or do the right thing and risk ostracism, ridicule, and maybe imprisonment or death. The Quest for Asdin is a thought-provoking fantasy. We give it three hearts.