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Christmas Snow

Books in the Christmas Tree Tales Series

In “Gabriel’s Magic Ornament,” a Christmas Tree World called Arboria faces danger from a fearsome foe! In the wilderness at Tree Bottom, someone opens a bag by mistake and lets out a hideous dragon! No angel star is safe, and Arboria’s Orna folk face grave danger. Dark holes of greed, selfishness, and hatred block their way to Tree Top! Who can stop the dragon’s dark magic and rescue them from a fate worse than death?

In "Widgmus World," The Christmas Tree Tales, an evil sorceress lurks in Arboria, terrorizing the Orna folk while cruising the Tinsel Canals in her abominable ship surrounded by wicked creatures. Her goal: to banish Christmas  from the Tree World and reduce the beautiful snow of winter to mud, mud that she can use to make her slaves, and worse.

The evil queen is willing to go to any lengths, including war, to bring about her plan. Who can stop her from building a mud empire that will forever bury the true meaning of Christmas? Can Garrett and Kim discover a way to stop the mad queen before she creates her Widgmus World?

In “The Mailbox Tree,” time travelers Grant and Alex must journey back into history on an incredible voyage through Christmas past. Revisiting the dangerous time of the first Hanukkah, the wild celebrations of Roman Saturnalia, Charlemagne’s great Boar’s Head Feast, and Charles Dickens’ London, the boys must look for clues in the pages of time to solve the riddle that will save Christmas Future.

Arboria’s rules have been broken. . .
Gabriel’s enchantment has turned dark. . .
A Terrible Price must be paid. . .

Can Elise and Aubrey survive

The girls find out when a cursed Christmas ornament opens a tunnel into Arboria’s afterlife. The rapid approach of ‘the Great Divide’ harbors the grave danger that they may get stuck forever in a realm where nightmares come true. Will they escape in time and reach safety before the Final Judgment tears Arboria asunder?

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