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Book Description of Widgmus World

​Who is "Queen Lady"?

Queen Lady is an evil impostor who schemes to take over the Christmas tree world formerly known as "Arboria." She builds a mud empire inside an unsuspecting family's Christmas tree. Queen Lady outlaws beautiful Christmas ornaments and replaces them with WidgWare, her ugly substitute ornaments crafted entirely out of mud.

To help carry out her dastardly takeover scheme, Queen Lady creates vicious little imps out of mud pies called Widgmudgeons. With the help of her cyberbonnet, she animates these creatures and forces them to obey her every command.

To achieve total success, however, she must succeed in casting her spell over two innocent children. These children happen into her world after they place a magical ornament on their Christmas tree.

Will she succeed brainwashing the children so that they will help her carry out her scheme to outlaw Christmas and replace it with her disastrous Widgmus holiday?

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