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Book Description of A Christmas Comedy

What happens to Christmas ornaments once they are taken off the Christmas tree? Most people think they are stored in the attic or a closet. This is not what happens to them in the imaginary tree world known as Arboria.

In Arboria, the ornaments are Orna folk. Some become filled with treasure by listening to the voice of Tree King. These Orna folk end up at Tree Top where Tree King dwells. Other Ornament folk who do not listen are doomed to remain hollow and hopeless. Instead of forming treasure inside themselves, they become more and more selfish and hateful until their outer shells shatter. The empty remains of these Orna folk then seep down through the earth into a frightening place called "Bar Bay." 

In A Christmas Comedy, two girls, Elise and Aubrey, place Gabriel's Magic Ornament on an undecorated Christmas tree. They later discover that they have placed themselves under a terrible curse. When they accidentally get stuck in Bar Bay, they find themselves trapped. As they try to escape, they journey downward through its horrible layers only to find that there is no way out! Will they ever be able to escape the curse they have brought on themselves?

Read A Christmas Comedy to find out about the girls' struggle to be free from an awful place where nightmares come true!

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