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About Gabriel's Magic Ornament

Packed with magical adventure, mystery, and suspense, this humorous

but sometimes serious tale reveals how the imaginary Christmas tree world of Arboria and its eccentric Orna folk inhabitants fall under a powerful evil spell no one can seem to break.

Transported by a magical Christmas ornament, two children arrive in Arboria

only to discover that a horrible creature called Lesnit crawls through its lands causing terrible mischief. He eats angel stars, leaving behind bottomless pits that burn with the dark fires of selfishness, greed, and hatred. Lesnit hiccups apples that cause awful hunger,

and poisonous mistletoe grows wherever he spits. He aims above all to devour the Star at Tree Top

where the glorious Tree King dwells.

Will Lesnit destroy Arboria and bring its hollow and fragile Orna folk to a miserable end?

Just when all seems hopeless, the secret gift of true Christmas magic draws the story to a

surprising and wonderful conclusion.

The Lesnit Hunter

The little boy in the video below is convinced that the horrible creature that eats angel stars, Lesnit, has escaped from their Christmas tree into their house. His mother is helping him hunt for it in the hope that it will soon be captured!

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