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Thank you, parents and teachers, for teaching your children our book!

  • What was your favorite part of the book? Why did you like that part?

  • Who are some of the bad characters in the book? Why do you think they were bad?

  • Who were some of the good characters in the book? Why do you think they were good?

  • Do you think that Grant and Alex should have decorated their Christmas tree with the Lion King ornament? Explain your answer.

  • What do you remember about the cemetery of the Scrooges? What did you think about the hot cemetery book and the vampire perfume?

  • As you followed Grant and Alex through their time travels, what were the scariest things they saw happen? What were some of the good things they learned?

  • Did you enjoy time traveling with Young Nanny? What things did you like about her?

  • What clues did Grant and Alex bring back that helped them to restore the time-wiring to Christmas future?

  • What are some new things you learned about the history of Christmas?

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