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Teaching The Mailbox Tree

Thank you, parents and teachers, for teaching your children our book!

Teaching The Mailbox Tree: FAQ

Here is list of questions below that parents and teachers can ask their children after reading The Mailbox Tree. If you have additional teaching suggestions, please reach out to us and we will be glad to consider adding them here.

Questions parents and teachers can ask their children about the book:

  • What was your favorite part of the book? Why did you like that part?

  • Who are some of the bad characters in the book? Why do you think they were bad?

  • Who were some of the good characters in the book? Why do you think they were good?

  • Do you think that Grant and Alex should have decorated their Christmas tree with the Lion King ornament? Explain your answer.

  • What do you remember about the cemetery of the Scrooges? What did you think about the hot cemetery book and the vampire perfume?

  • As you followed Grant and Alex through their time travels, what were the scariest things they saw happen? What were some of the good things they learned?

  • Did you enjoy time traveling with Young Nanny? What things did you like about her?

  • What clues did Grant and Alex bring back that helped them to restore the time-wiring to Christmas future?

  • What are some new things you learned about the history of Christmas?

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