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Santa Claus reading a storybook to a child on his lap. Education, beliefs and legends conc

Thank you, parents and teachers, for teaching your children our book!

  • What do you think about the Reverend Grayson? What mistakes did he make? How did he own up to them in the end?

  • How did Penny try to warn the girls about the danger of placing Gabriel's Magic Ornament on an undecorated Christmas tree?

  • Who was Enoch Vergil or "Ev"? What are some ways that he tried to help Elise and Aubrey?

  • What did the icicles appear as in the Christmas tree world? What did they reveal about the Orna folk who wrote about their last days in Arboria?

  • How did Elise and Aubrey end up getting stuck in Bar Bay?

  • Describe the alarm system in Bar Bay. How did the girls accidentally set it off?

  • Who was Mr. Charon? Where did he take the girls?

  • Were you surprised to find Verbadda Widgmud in Bar Bay? What was she in charge of?

  • How did Verbadda's Widgmudgeons escape from the mud? What did they do that made Elise and Aubrey have to run for their lives?

  • What was in the wheelbarrow that Charon brought into Bar Bay? Describe the Ornament folk that had turned into mud puddles.

  • Where did Charon and the girls take the mud puddle Ornas after they checked in to Bar Bay? What did they look like after they underwent exterior refurbishment?

  • Was the exterior refurbishment of the Orna mud puddles successful? Why or why not?

  • What did you learn about the department store where the hologram figurines were on sale? Why did the women who purchased them suffer from "buyer's regret"?

  • Describe the appearance and antics of some of the children in the Bar Baby Vice Nursery. In what ways did their parents spoil them rotten? What happened to the bar babies after their parents ventured further down into Bar Bay?

  • What did you think of Sir Alfred J. A. Scrooge? What did he think had happened to time and space in Bar Bay? Was he right?

  • What happens to Elise after she and Aubrey get separated in the Bar Bay underground. Describe the train ride Elise has to endure to get to the Prison of the Wannamongers.

  • What were some things that frightened you about the Prison of the Wannamongers? Where did the evil spirits in this prison finally end up? 

  • How did Elise end up at the island of Boa on the Sos?

  • What did you think about the inhabitants of Boa on the Sos? Were all of them good, or were some of them bad? Explain your answer.

  • What did Elise try to teach the inhabitants of Boa on the Sos who had never heard of Christmas?

  • Were you surprised that Prince Krismon reappears in this book?

  • What kept some of the inhabitants of Boa on the Sos from boarding the Christmas tree rocket ship?

  • What horrible creature lurks in the sea surrounding Boa on the Sos? What does he do to the island? How do the girls, Ev, and some of the islanders escape just in the nick of time?

  • What was your favorite part about the rocket ship ride to Tree Top?

  • What did you find interesting, unusual, and beautiful about Tree Top?

  • Why were the girls sad when they had to leave Arboria? Why did they not tell their parents what they had experienced there?

  • How does Reverend Grayson help the girls tell their parents what they had experienced because of the cursed ornament?

  • Did you like the way the book ended? Why or why not?

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