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Teaching Gabriel's Magic Ornament

Thank you, teachers and parents, for teaching your children our book!

We’ve compiled a list of questions below that parents and teachers can ask their children after reading Gabriel's Magic Ornament.  If you have additional suggestions for teaching this book, please reach out to us and we will be glad to consider adding them here.

Questions parents and teachers can ask their children about the book:

  • What was your favorite part of the book? Why did you like that part?

  • Who are some of the bad characters in the book? Why do you think they were bad?

  • Do you think Lady did a good job protecting Chris and Laura? Why or why not?

  • What do you think Lesnit looks like? Would you be afraid of him if you saw him?

  • What Christmas carol forms the background of the chapter, "Maids a-Milking, Lords a-leaping, and Birds of a Feather"?

  • Do you think Granny Applegate was unfair to Chris and Laura? What about Mr. Budgens and Mrs. Margumont?

  • What did you think about what happened to fat Jimmy and fat Sally. Did you feel sorry for them? Why or why not?

  • Were you disappointed in the Santa Clauses at the Santa Claus convention? Tell me why.

  • Who do you think Tree King is? Did you like the place where he lived?

  • Were you surprised by the ending of the book? Tell me why.

  • Did you read the "Glossary of Curious Facts" at the end of the book? What curious facts did you find most interesting? Tell me why.

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